Serenity Collective Retirement


With Serenity Collective Retirement, build loyalty among your employees and shape your brand image.

How it works

The subscription and implementation of Serenity Collective Retirement is at the initiative of the employer.

Contributions are made up of an employee share and an employer share.

The determination of these "employee" and "employer" shares is often left to free negotiation between the representatives of the "employees" and the "employer" or set by the company agreement if it exists.

These contributions are calculated in proportion to your salary and are paid directly to the insurer by your employer. 

Benefits for the employee ?

Serenity Collective Retirement

Serenity Collective Retirement

To be attractive, every company must offer benefits to keep its employees and maintain good ones.

With Serenity Collective Retirement, build employee loyalty and brand image.

Benefits for the employee ?


To subscribe, all you have to do is send L'AFRICAINE VIE a request to set up a contract with the list of employees concerned and the desired contributions.

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The ECA or Retirement Allowance , constitute a commitment, known as a social liability, which every company must include in the notes to its balance sheet. In the event of simultaneous departures, its payment may lead to cash flow variations that are detrimental to the balance of its accounts.

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