Serenity Alafia Wanrou


You are a SMB or a VSB ? Do you have plans to expand your business? Do you want to secure part of your profits for future reinvestment?

With Serenity Alafia Wanrou, securely finance your development projects. You can also use these savings as collateral with us (to pay your various insurances for example).


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Serenity Alafia Wanrou

Serenity Alafia Wanrou

With Serenity Alafia Wanroufinance your development projects in a secure way.

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Borrower's insurance taken out to secure a loan provides coverage in the event of death, disability and/or loss of employment. When one of these events occurs, the insurer reimburses the loan installments, in whole or in part.

The ECA or Retirement Allowance , constitute a commitment, known as a social liability, which every company must include in the notes to its balance sheet. In the event of simultaneous departures, its payment may lead to cash flow variations that are detrimental to the balance of its accounts.

What will happen to my family when I am gone? How can I provide a future for my children with the risks of my job? How will I be able to meet the funeral expenses of my elderly parents or in-laws?